SHAPE ReClaimed

SHAPE ReClaimed is a health transformation program that uses whole food nutrition and a carefully researched and tested supplement to revitalize you and restore good health.

A big part of looking great is feeling great. At Aspire Skin + Wellness we always want you to feel your best. That can be difficult, however, if you are not getting the proper nutrition. Consequently, we are happy to offer the SHAPE ReClaimed program to our clients. SHAPE ReClaimed is a health transformation program. It uses whole food nutrition and a carefully researched and tested supplement to revitalize you and restore good health.


What Is SHAPE ReClaimed?

SHAPE ReClaimed is a total health transformation system. We will teach you better lifestyle and eating habits and provide you with the tools you need to help your body look and feel its best. This three-phase program can increase energy, reduce painful chronic inflammation, and improve your appearance.

Am I a Good Candidate for SHAPE ReClaimed?

If you suffer from chronic inflammation, lack of energy or other consequences of poor nutrition, this program can definitely help you! Part of the problem with diet programs is the lack of proper guidance. It’s hard to know what to eat, when to eat or how much to eat in order to lose weight and keep it off. This program provides comprehensive guidance to help promote both weight loss and general well-being.

How Does SHAPE ReClaimed Work?

When you sign up for SHAPE ReClaimed, we will guide you through the three phases of this program. First, in Phase 1, we provide nutrition guidelines as well as the SHAPE supplement. This will help you cleanse, detoxify, reduce inflammation and lose weight. Subsequently, we will take urinalyses and perform other tests as needed to monitor progress and tweak the program as necessary.

Then, in Phase II, we stabilize metabolism and brain chemistry. We remove the supplement and add back some eliminated foods. This leads you toward a plan you can stick with in the long-term. This flows into Phase III. Here you are ready to cement the good nutrition habits you have learned on a permanent basis. You make it part of your lifestyle. At this point, you can take the SHAPE formula as a regular supplement. Alternatively, you can periodically refresh yourself with a 21-day cleanse.

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SHAPE ReClaimed Products

An important part of the Shape Reclaimed system is the supplements and products. They help keep you on track and accelerate your results when using the Shape Reclaimed program. At Aspire Skin + Wellness, we can provide you with all the products you need to use the system successfully. The line of Shape ReClaimed products includes:

SHAPE Nanomolecular Dietary Supplement

This hormone-free dietary supplement contains no corn ethanol, color stabilizers, preservatives, synthetic fillers or binders. Each 2-fluid-oz. bottle is full of healthy ingredients that support neurological and hormonal systems, help with pH balance and hydration, can boost energy, help eliminate belly fat, suppress appetite, reduce muscle cramping, improve sleep and more.

The Complete Patient Guidebook

Your SHAPE ReClaimed journey starts with this comprehensive guidebook that will tell you everything you need to know to get started with SHAPE ReClaimed and stick with it to transform your health and ReClaim your life.

pH ReClaimed Concentrated Mineral Drops

Good pH balance is critical to good health. Most of our diets make us much more acidic than we are meant to be. These concentrated mineral drops help your body restore a more alkaline environment for greater pH balance without harmful chemicals.

Mood ReClaimed

A healthy mind is key to maintaining a healthy body. This supplement uses the highest-quality organic and wildcrafted herbs to help you ReClaim your emotional health without synthetic fibers, preservatives bonders, gluten or BPAs. Mood ReClaimed is a fully vegan product.

SKIN ReClaimed

Great looking skin begins at home. SKIN ReClaimed Healing Lotion can help. This color, dye, fragrance, gluten, glycerin, glycol, iodine, paraben, pesticide and phosphate-free product, when applied to external skin can soothe acne, psoriasis, shingles, eczema, rashes, muscle and joint aches and more. It’s full of healthy organic ingredients like coconuts, cinnamon, green tea and aloe vera and you will love what it does for your skin!

SELF ReClaimed Self-Empowerment Toolkit

The products will help, but you have to put in the work if you want a healthier, better-looking, better-feeling body. This self-empowerment toolkit helps you get on the path to a new lifestyle and stay with it by learning new, healthier habits and beliefs and envisioning a better you.

SHAPE ReClaimed: Simple Recipes for Phase I

Get a jump start on eating healthy in Phase I of the SHAPE ReClaimed program with this great book of over 50 healthy recipes that fit into Phase I of the program, with cooking tips and detailed information on making everything from protein dishes to desserts the healthy, SHAPE ReClaimed way.

30-Day Anti-Inflammatory Challenge

One of the great benefits you are likely to notice once you get going on SHAPE ReClaimed is a reduction in inflammation, meaning less general pain and discomfort. This book, a companion for Phase II of the program and beyond, will help you learn more about anti-inflammatory eating, how it works and how it helps you feel better than you have in years.

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