CLEAR + BRILLIANT® uses fractional laser technology to remove the upper, damaged layers of skin safely, allowing fresher, healthier skin underneath to shine through.

There are many reasons why you may not be happy with the appearance of your facial skin. For one, you may have persistent acne, or even some acne scarring. Or maybe you have enlarged pores or your skin tone or texture is uneven. Additionally, it could be you are simply struggling with signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. Whatever your skin concerns are, there is a good chance that we can address them with the CLEAR + BRILLIANT® laser.



CLEAR + BRILLIANT® uses what is called fractional laser technology to remove the upper, damaged layers of skin safely. This allows fresher, healthier skin underneath to shine through. It works by creating millions of tiny treatment zones in your skin, safely replacing damaged skin with healthier tissue to produce younger-looking skin. It is fast, non-invasive, not painful and effective.

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Am I a Good Candidate?

If you suffer from skin discoloration, unwanted skin texture, fine lines, enlarged pores, wrinkles or other skin damage, you are probably a great candidate for CLEAR + BRILLIANT®. Make an appointment with our office for a consultation to discuss your skin concerns. Together, we can determine how we can best help you with this treatment or the other skin rejuvenation treatments we provide.


We will start with a consultation with our RN Wendy Brown to determine if this treatment is the best approach for your skin. Wendy will then apply a numbing cream to ease any potential discomfort and apply the laser to the targeted areas for about 20 minutes. The laser comes with a patented Intelligent Optical Tracking™ System to ensure safe and uniform application of the laser. After the treatment, you may receive topical antioxidants to speed healing.

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At Aspire Skin + Wellness, we want you to love who you see in the mirror. For CLEAR + BRILLIANT® laser treatments administered by a caring, experienced professional in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, call us at 330-703-1880 or fill out our appointment form below to schedule your consultation.

Before and After Photos

Before and after Clear + Brilliant treatments
Before and after Clear + Brilliant treatments

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